Ranch Raised Horses FOR SALE

McClaran Ranch's headquarters is located in the small town of Joseph, Oregon. The cattle, however, are pastured all year long on native grasses and forages with limited fences.  The cattle are ran in Hells Canyon in the Winter and return to the higher elevation, Chesnimus and Zumwalt Prairie, in the Summer. We have selected genetics over the years to fit our operation and ensure that we have cattle that can handle the rough terrain.  Our mother cows are now a majority red/black Angus and Hereford cross.  This provides cattle that can perform and excel in the environment, and calves that do well at market. We breed and raise our own horses to ensure they are raised in rough terrain to become sure footed. Our cattle are hormone and antibiotic free, raised on a vegetarian diet.  Our BRAND stands for lean, healthy, grass-fed beef and sensible raised horses and colts.

McClaran Ranch, founded after WWI, now in fourth generation, receives Grassman of the Year award.

"Four Generations of Learning How to Best Use & Respect the Land"